Partners Program

Want to be your own boss?
Work your own hours?
Work as much or as little as you want?

Well now you can....

The C I Web Designs Group is proud to announce a real money making opportunity for you ! You can now become a C I Web Designs Group Partner !

Just look at these payouts !

The average small web site cost between $1000 and $10,000. Some larger sites cost expand well into five digit figures !
Here at C I Web Designs, we pay top dollar for leads and sales.

10% Commissions !
That's right, you receive 10% of the customers cost of the site.
No hitches or hidden rules. No MLM.
Simply 10% of the work you bring to our company !

And that's not all !
Every site needs "Web Site Hosting."
(web or server space to operate the site)

The C I Web Designs Group pays
10% to 33% of all Hosting Sales !
(percentage rated according to gross sales status)
Best of all, this is a reoccurring income !
( continues for the life of the site on our servers ! )
Imagine  receiving a check next month for work you did last month !
Real money for nothing !
It's that easy !

Let's do a little simple math:
Sell one site for $2500.00
(a moderate small E-Commerce site)
You receive
but hold on , that site also needs hosting.
Let's say they purchase "The Shopping Cart E-Commerce Hosting Package"
for $449.00 a year, you receive an extra
$400.00 for one sale !
( with $150.00 a year coming to you for the life of the web site !)

Does this sound like the kind of business you are interested in?

Call The C I Web Designs Group Today !
Get started making money Now !


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