The three rules of location for a Brick and Mortar store are simple
Location, Location and Location. 
Most customers of a retail store live within a 10 mile radius of that store.

Enter the World Wide Web & 
Forget Everything About Location You Have Been Taught !

 Your customers now live world wide, and in America alone number 
100 MILLION andGrowingDaily!

We look at all competitors in your product line and how they appear in the search engines. 

Regardless of how big they are, 
If no one can find them they are not a threat.

C I Web Designs also looks at pricing, design 
and content.

Are they a selling site?

All factors that affect the design of your site 
must be taken into consideration. 

100 MILLION and Growing Daily !

Your location now becomes a combination of skillful web site design,
meta tags, search engines, link exchange, advertising banners and email.

Your knowledge of your business & product line 
combined with our web experience will produce a
Winning Site For Your Company!

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