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      Subject: Your web page 

      Date: Sat, 3 Jun 2000 08:52:35 EDT 

      Good Morning, David and Karen; 
       Mom and I went through all your web pages last night. We found them to be one of the best web pages we have seen on the Internet for the short time we have been on line. 
       The pictures are as good as looking at the machines in person.On the computer it is called graphic instead of pictures. I'm learning. 
       Who ever did your web pages would be the one for me when I'm ready. Not to be too personal, but what was your cost. Those are web pages to be proud of. We noticed last night that you had over 1500 hits already. Keep up the good work. 
       Once again we want to congratulate both of you on your web pages 
       Mom and Dad Hardy 

      Date: Thur 16 Sept. 1999 
      Hiya Rob 
       Thanks for the changes. It looks real nice. You have done a superb job on the website. If you will get me some of your business cards I will hand them out to every one I hear wanting a website. I tell every one  about you any way. 
       We have talked a lot about the site and I did some major bragging on your work. 
       Your work is too good to do bargain basement prices... well any way have a good nite and let me know about the new domain.  Thanks again 

      Subject: wrote: 
       I just had to look!  Was surprised it worked already! 
       Guess what?????? Debbi got her FIRST APT off the site! The lady booked for Thursday! Sheesh that is 1/2 of her cost - ALREADY! Woooohooooooooooooo!! 
        Thanks Rob, 

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